worth the wait…
brianne brose | san diego newborn photographer

Today, I was honored to meet baby Nathaniel and his awesome family, grandma and helpful friend included!  From the moment I walked in, his parents knew they wanted a shot in my basket, so I was determined to get it.  And FIVE hours later, here is proof that a little a lot of patience and some very amazing parents made this shot possible…

And here are a few more of the gorgeous shots I got today, I just adore all of these!

Soooooo happy I was able to convince mom to be in a picture, I just love this shot!  Isn’t she gorgeous???

Kimberly -

WOW…mom IS gorgeous! What a beautiful little bundle. Such sweetness!


Danette He -

I agree with you. There are so many wonderful things about that picture. Having a vision of what you want and then nailing it. That’s a great feeling.


Chrissy Torney -

Oh my, the tones in these are gorgeous!! Love! And Mum look stunning!


Susan -

Aw what a sweet baby. Your lighting is perfect. I love the last photo….mom and baby are so beautiful!


Holly -

Oh the wait was worth the outcome! These captures are gorgeous!! He is so squishy and sweet. Love the one with mom!


Kristin -

LOVE these!! What a handsome little guy!


Stephanie -

Such sweet, beautiful captures! I love the processing on these!


Scarlett -

simply gorgeous!! your work is just fantastic! baby is completely adorable, love every one:)


Lisa Little -

So precious and I love the basket shot! Perfect lighting and yes, mom is gorgeous!


Anya Coleman -

so very sweet!!!! Love them all – what a beautiful job you did!!


Salina J -

Adorable! Love the poses, so sweet!


Michelle Christensen-Wien -

You have taken our breath away the second we saw the basket shot! My husband and I just love it!!! So enjoying our sneak peak. Thank you Brianne for your generous efforts and patience in getting the basket shot.


Amanda -

You nailed this session! So perfect and that last image is just beautiful. Amazing, amazing work.


Yvonne -

Such sweet images. Love the one of mommy with baby. So sweet.


Kristin Rachelle -

Beautiful friend!!!!!! You are amazing. xoxo


Anya Coleman -

What a sweetie! So adorable! Great job!


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